Asking for Help

One of the most challenging things for most folks to do is admit the need for help. We have been acculturated to pull ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again. But bootstraps aside, it is fair to say that there are times when–without help–we would lack the ability to solve something alone. This is especially so if we lack the knowledge or experience to make a change.

Image result for toothache

I’ll give you an example: I would never try to remedy a painful tooth on my own. While I have had the experience of having and using teeth for many decades, when one begins to cause pain in my mouth, I go to a dentist.

That professional is specifically trained to assess the situation and make some appropriate recommendations–based on professional  training–as to what the next step might be. Ultimately, it is my choice as to what happens next. I could leave things as is and continue to be in pain; I could ask that the rotten tooth be pulled out; I could have the decay drilled out and some new and different material put in its place.

Had I not asked for help from a professional, I would only have one option. Live with the pain. And realistically, that would be my only option because I would never trust a non-dentist to remedy the matter; nor would I ever think that I could learn enough about treating tooth pain from reading “stuff on the internet.”

There is a reason we go to dentists.

Experience and knowledge count. When the time comes that the problem has gotten so bad that it comes time to ask for help, remember there’s no shame in that.

And keep in mind that mediation is always less painful than a do-it-yourself root canal.

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