A Testimonial (not from a divorce)

This lovely testimonial came not from a party to a divorce, but rather a party to a dispute involving a business relationship and the crisis it underwent. I share it here to illustrate that the alternative dispute resolution of mediation is not limited to family and divorce law.

Holistic Mediation saved our business! When our team was struggling with a serious issue, we turned to HM for help. We had become completely dysfunctional and emotionally overwrought. Feelings were running out of control and we had arrived at a place that felt broken and insurmountable.

The compassionate environment created at Holistic Mediation is conducive to solutions and to mitigating negative emotional input during the conversation. Jenna and Rob helped us each clarify our positions in our own minds, and communicate those positions effectively to the group. Their gentle persistence, ability to see through psychological pitfalls and calm, measured demeanors guided us through our concerns and communication roadblocks, while carefully leading us past the emotions to logic.

Jenna and Rob are kind. They have created a warm space, filled with good will and positive energy that will help families and businesses alike reach solutions everyone feels comfortable with.

Our group left Holistic Mediation with hugs and smiles, feeling energized and able. I know we could never have reached that place without them!

Have a great weekend, and keep in mind that sometimes a couple of pairs of “fresh eyes” and unbiased minds can help people break through their conflicts.

Image result for pair of eyes drawing


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