Making Conversations Easier

One of the great benefits of engaging in mediation is the “ignorance” of the mediators. When a couple comes in to begin the process of divorcing, neither myself nor my co-mediator know anything at all about the couple–apart from their names. This means that the two of them get to tell the two of us exactly what we need to know. That need is driven by the present time and place of the couple. Unlike a family member or a friend, we don’t have biases or loyalties. We know nothing before you walk in. We only learn what you’re willing to share based on your need.


It’s a clean slate ready for you to begin writing your new story, starting with a new chapter.

Image result for clean slate

If you’re thinking of beginning, call or email us:

Jenna: 978.760.0482


Rob: 978.479.2923




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