Negotiations & Love Songs

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Paul Simon wrote these lyrics back in 1983:

Two disappointed believers
Two people playing the game
Negotiations and love songs
Are often mistaken for one and the same

Sometimes when I’m sitting in a mediation session, those words go through my mind, along with the melody. When a couple is going through a mediated divorce, they will need to negotiate the terms of their future Separation Agreement, which really ought to be titled “Contract for Dissolution of Marriage.”

Entangled in the process of going from legally (and oftentimes unhappily) married, the parties must come up with a contract that defines their future division of their marital assets and future obligations to their children and each other, i.e., a lot of negotiations.

The backdrop of a divorce mediation is what had been the intention to “have and hold, until death do us part,” i.e., a lot of love songs.

While I am charged with managing the legal, logistical, and analytical aspects of the process, Rob is uniquely qualified to manage the trauma, transition, and communication matters that are always present in a mediated divorce. Negotiations are for the lawyer to address; love songs are for the licensed mental health counselor.

At Holistic Mediation, we take to heart all aspects of the legal and transformative process of divorce. For a free 1/2 hour consultation to see if this approach would work for you, please call Jenna at 978.760.0482 or Rob at 978.479.2923.







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