Bittersweet Endings

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Every time we come toward the end of working with our clients, especially those who are going through the transformation from unhappily married to civilly divorce, I have such a bittersweet feeling. While I am honored to have been part of the couple’s important and future-defining conversations, a small part of me will miss the time spent with the sorts of people who find themselves in mediation.

What do I mean by that, “the sorts of people who find themselves in mediation?”

Rob and I have discovered, in the many years that we’ve been doing this work together, that no matter what caused the dam to break, the people sitting across from us in the mediation room want not only what’s best for themselves but also what’s best for everyone who will be affected by the significant choices they are making.

Our clients want to come to fair and equitable resolutions.

Our clients want to preserve and encourage family ties to extended relatives to continue.

Our clients want to co-parent successfully.

Suffice it to say: Holistic Mediation gets to facilitate conversations between hurting people who, almost always, bring their best selves to the process.

So it should be plain to see why it’s bittersweet to bring a mediation to a close.

If you or someone you know is amidst conflict and needs professional guidance to navigate through the resolution, please contact us at Holistic Mediation.

Jenna: 978.760.0482 or Rob: 978.479.2923


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