The Most Awful/Wonderful Time of the Year

There is something truly bittersweet about coming into the holiday season knowing that there are people contemplating divorce as they struggle to hold it together for their children.

While we understand there is no “good” time to divorce, we have been told by scores of clients that they waited until “after the holidays” to begin mediating their divorce.

The process of redefining one’s self, i.e., going from “spouse” to “ex,” can be bitter. Conversely, there is the balancing force of “sweet” illustrated in the respect that parents exercise in making this memorable time of year not hooked into a memory of “that’s when I heard my parents were getting divorced.”

Every year at this time, Holistic Mediation goes into a period of hibernation. We know why and we understand the motivations behind the lull.

Please know that when the new year is well underway, we will be here to help you find peace and resolution through the facilitation of meaningful and productive conversations.

So, until then . . . Happy (Bittersweet) Holidays.





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