Holistic Mediation has successfully worked with:

  • Married Couples seeking divorce
  • Married Couples unsure about whether divorce is right for them
  • Pre-Nuptial Couples interested in constructing a marital blueprint
  • Family members in conflict over finances, property, estates, and wills
  • Family members facing the prospect of elder care and decision-making
  • Family members struggling with disparate views on child rearing
  • NGOs creating a new path relative to mission or design
  • People in need of guidance and support to make meaningful change

In co-mediation sessions, the clients get the benefit of having access to two different skill sets brought by Jenna and Rob. As an attorney, Jenna addresses the legal, logistical, and analytical aspects of conflict; as a Mental Health Professional, Rob hones in on the relational and trauma-based aspects of people in dispute. This two-part approach offers all clients a much richer experience in the crafting of legitimate and personally meaningful resolutions.

As the facilitators, Jenna and Rob promote discussion and negotiation that encourages all parties the opportunity to exchange divergent views, ask questions, discuss difficult topics, and find solutions.

Jenna and Rob regard the work done in mediation as potentially transformative, in that the time spent working through the matters at hand can help the parties reframe their perspectives toward one another. In each mediation, Jenna and Rob challenge the parties to adopt new strategies of interaction and to let go of those concepts which stand in the way of present healing and future progress.

As co-mediators, Jenna and Rob assume the role of neutral, third-party observers while assisting the participants to explore and find mutually acceptable solutions.  The result is the creation of a sound, mutually-acceptable agreement that comprehensively addresses the parties’ particular circumstances.