What Past Clients Have Said


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I highly recommend Holistic Mediation for help working through any difficult or contentious situation. Jenna’s approach is one of deep, active listening. I’d never have guessed that having an objective third party witness a difficult conversation would provide so many tools for resolution.

Mediation brought out the best in both parties. Mediation relieved some of the emotional pressure we’d been feeling. Gentle questions uncovered what everyone was feeling and guided us to listen more closely to each other. We had a place for a conversation, where one didn’t exist before due to our pain, anger, or misunderstanding. Holistic Mediation helped us find a respectful solution to a very troubling situation, one we couldn’t navigate on our own.

Jenna was respectful, sensitive, and impartial. She brought a huge level of kindness and sensitivity to the work that made us feel safe and understood.


Holistic Mediation saved our business. When our team was struggling with a serious issue, we turned to HM for help. We had become completely dysfunctional and emotionally overwrought. Feelings were running out of control. We had arrived at a place that felt broken and insurmountable.

The compassionate environment created at Holistic Mediation is conducive to solutions and to mitigating negative emotional input during the conversation. Jenna helped us clarify our positions and communicate those positions effectively to the group. Her persistence and measured demeanor guided us through our concerns and communication roadblocks and carefully led us past the emotions to logic.

Jenna has created a warm space, filled with good will and positive energy that will help families and businesses alike reach solutions everyone feels comfortable with.