In-Person? Or Zoom?

At the beginning of Covid-19, I had a handful of clients who concluded their mediations with me using video conferencing, i.e., Zoom. While the communication shifted to something different, the work went on and unhappily married couples became civilly divorced individuals.

Until the vaccines were rolled out, I helped my clients work through the “we’re getting a divorce” list of topics the court wants to make sure were discussed. Pre-vaccine, those clients were exclusively Zoom-based clients.

But now, vaccines ARE available. Now, the best way that I’ve found to decide between “in-person” or “Zoom” is to ask: “What is your vaccination status?”

The answer to that simple question will determine if we meet remotely, in-person, or even in-person with some conditions, e.g., masked or outdoors.

People still need the service and guidance of mediators, even during this (potentially never-ending) pandemic.

If you’re considering mediation, know that I care about your safety and will endeavor to make sure that our sessions are safe. For all of us.

It is possible to go from where you are now (wondering how long you will have to wait before you can make a positive change for yourself) to where you want to be (moving toward a fair and equitable way to end your marriage).

If you’re there, I’m here.

To reach Jenna Brownson, call 978.760.0482 or email to


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