It Doesn’t Have to be So Complicated

When people who are looking to get divorced go online to educate themselves about the process, they are inundated by information. Some of what they find is accurate, most is not. Anecdotes of horror stories and gutted bank accounts are easy to find. Essays complaining of slow-moving court calendars and endless legal fees abound.

In working with my clients, I confidently say to them, “It doesn’t have to be so complicated.” And with mediation, it isn’t so complicated.

In my mediation practice, I provide my clients with a checklist that includes all the topics that need to be discussed and reviewed for the court to be able to approve the couple’s separation agreement. Mediation allows the couple to work through their issues and at their pace. We work together on the checklist. Concessions are made; negotiations are had.

It’s a process, but it need not be one fraught with complication. It’s actually pretty easy if you have a guide familiar with the path.

Please reach out if you are ready to map your future on an easier path.


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