Choose Your Pace

One of the great perks of working through a conflict using mediation is the ability to take a break.

When the subject matter gets tough and the emotions run high, mediation allows for an intermission. Quite literally, I will in the middle (“inter”) of the process (“mission” = resolving the conflict) take a step away. Sometimes it is a five-minute break during a session; other times it’s a few weeks away from the mediation room.

Unlike litigating a conflict, where there are court calendars to which the parties are beholden, mediation works on the schedule of the clients.

It is just one more way that mediation fits the client, not the mediator’s calendar, not the court’s calendar–because the clients get to go at their own pace.

If you have the goal of resolving your conflict, but don’t want to rush to a remedy, call Jenna Brownson, Esq. at 978.760.0482 at Holistic Mediation. I’m in no rush either.


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