Mediation by Zoom

We’re closing in on a year of isolation and social distancing. At the beginning of Covid-19, I had a handful of clients whom I concluded their time with me using video conferencing, i.e., Zoom. While the communication shifted to something different, the work went on and unhappily married couples became civilly divorced individuals.

For the last few months, the clients whom I have been helping to forge through the “we’re getting a divorce” list of topics the court wants to make sure were discussed–those clients have been exclusively Zoom-based clients.

At first, I wasn’t sure if it would be possible to comprehensively facilitate a fruitful and transformative process for these couples. What if the “secret” to a successful mediation is being right there in the room with the person you’re readying to divorce? What if those tense moments of negotiation can only be capitalized on when the tension in the room gets so high that someone feels forced to give in? What if zooming from home feels like an unwanted house-call, like opening the door to find a traveling root canal specialist offering to “help”?

Luckily, there is no secret to mediation; tensions still can run high, regardless of physical proximity to the soon-to-be ex-spouse; and, most report that they are “fine” mediating from home.

So, it works.

It is possible to go from where you are now (wondering how long you will have to wait before you can make a positive change for yourself) to where you want to be (moving toward a fair and equitable way to end your marriage).

If you’re there, I’m here.

To reach Jenna Brownson, call 978.760.0482 or email to


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